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  • “I wish I had been a coffee person…..”
    “Next day..sharp at 6:00PM…near to the Cafe at your colony…I’ll tell u the similarly between Chai and coffee” I simply end up answering “okay”…was occupied with nothing interesting…doesn’t mean his talks were interesting…but anything for timepass.. There is one thing He liked abt both Chai and coffee…and I just want the answer to this “Okay…”Continue reading ““I wish I had been a coffee person…..””
  • Is the generation gap a myth
    Well…decrease in communication is a symptom…which has nothing to do with the generation gap…Basically it’s an artificially created gap which has nothing to do with generation Generation gap is basically the lack of understanding between two people of different generation who lived in different circumstances which results in having different kinds of experience in the various fields of lifeContinue reading “Is the generation gap a myth”
  • Laugh extended to myself…
    After all, I didn’t do anything in college. All I’d do was— lay down on bed, read books from great authors, and write cheesy stuff on different websites. Well i belong to that category of people who read books beyond high school English Requirements …i hv read..100+ novels..in covid… everything out of my college syllabus..ofc..ndContinue reading “Laugh extended to myself…”
  • Some people are just meant to house voids… Not love
    Sometimes we just fall out of love…normal human tendency… You like a guy. You text him. He texts back. Due to the high digital presence you get to know one another.He gave you a cute name. It makes you feel aww and special. You kind of start flirting with one another. It seems like itContinue reading “Some people are just meant to house voids… Not love”
  • Waking up on d wrong side…
    Every person is bound to have some threshold of tolerance for pocketing nonsense….Once ds limit is crossed, matters do take a serious turn Lot of thing was going around me…i was trying to hocus on my focus and at d same tym doing stuff like.. Loud music on my earphone, talking to my bhai, scrollingContinue reading “Waking up on d wrong side…”
  • Motivation….
    5 years later … You will laugh at things you are crying for today….!! Smile…!! Time Heals everything Well wasting all your nights just for getting the perfect source of motivation either videos or reading great articles….will clearly not last for long..It is something that is provided to own by oneself.There’s always a reason toContinue reading “Motivation….”
  • “I wish I had been a coffee person”
    His eyes focused on me with my coffee commented “It’s perfectly okay to drink coffee even if u don’t like it…we do get people in our life to deal with even if we don’t like them” I do wanted to clear his misunderstanding that it’s not like that… having the bitter coffee is actually whatContinue reading ““I wish I had been a coffee person””
  • Ass_pyre
    Hello people…!!! Nikita Singh here…a fucked up girl. Actually you are reading her blog not her personal story mind it. Humble request to all the readers is that don’t ever try to relate the stories to the content writer.. Stay tuned….more interesting write ups will be uploaded asap…i am dam sure it gonna be interesting…Continue reading “Ass_pyre”